The Scrumsoft Digital KickStart Program

The Scrumsoft™ KickStart™ Program. is a quick development product launch engagement that allows us to apply a highly refined process to your vision, turning it into a functional idea in less than four weeks.

Who Can Participate in the KickStart™ Program?

The short answer? Anyone. Initial participation in the program is completely free. Just know that before you apply, you should have a basic idea of what you want your app to do and be open to suggestions. We will advise you on how an app could best help you meet your goals and objectives. Review our app checklist of apps we can not work with before we get started.

When you are ready to proceed, we start off with a Pre-DreamCall™.
There is no need to schedule a Pre-DreamCall™, simply call +1 619-586-6300 to get started.


All great software projects start somewhere, and at Scrumsoft™, they start with our Account Management team. First, we'll have an initial discussion about your app and make sure that, at face value, it does not violate any app store rules, policies, or procedures. We will then confirm your idea is possible. Since there are restrictions on some types of interactions in an app, we want to make sure we can deliver what you are expecting. Finally, we'll ask for your information and have you sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Form. This protects your idea and lets us speak freely together.

KickOff Meeting

This is where we turn up the heat, and get to work. You will be introduced to your personal Product Owner, your hero within Jiffy, to champion the development of your project. You need to be prepared to provide us with your product vision and have a clear view of where your app needs to go. If you don't have this worked out yet, don't panic - we'll help refine all of your ideas into an actionable plan.

Backlog and System Training

Managing your project is now a full-time undertaking and we have some amazing tools that give you the ability to both interact with us and ask questions through our system training. This training session typically lasts two hours, with some home assignments to be completed within a few days.

This meeting is typically 2 hours in length.

Initial Product Backlog Review

Our Product Backlog consists of Product Backlog Items (PBIs). The backlog is a list of things we need to accomplish on the project, ordered by business value and priority. Our Product Owner will create the initial PBIs and you are welcome to add your own. This meeting will confirm we have a proper product vision and a mutual end goal - what we call the Definition of Done - is clearly set out and agreed to by all stakeholders.

This meeting is typically 2 hours in length.

Initial Release Plan Review

The Product Owner will then create a Release Plan, a set of dates we will release software to you for testing, and an agreed upon date to release software to the public for consumption. Once we approve the Initial Release Plan, we consider this the Stakeholder Buy-In and we are ready to proceed to the estimation stage.

This meeting is typically 30 minutes in length.

Team Assembly

Once we understand what work is to be done on your project, we go to our ResourceCloud to find the best talent we have for your project. We take many factors into consideration when selecting resources, including skills, experience, and cost. We balance the needs of the product with the budget we have established, and have the team provide an hourly estimate for each of the PBIs.

What Comes in App KickStart™

The App KickStart™ Program is the one-stop shop to get your project up and running. The KickStart™ is necessary to get the information together for design, development, testing, and deployment of your "next big thing". Here's what you get:

2 hours of live one-on-one telephone engineering time on the DreamCall™

4 hours of internal Sprint planning to create the rough Stories in our project management system.

1 Kick Off Call with your internal Product Owner, who will communicate the values of your project to the team.

6 Starting wireframes are included with the KickStart™ Program, with the option to upgrade to more wireframes billable at an hourly rate.

1 Presentation call to present the Product Back Log, Epics, and Sprint Plan.

1 Reality Call to discuss the schedule, planned scope, and cost of the project, which is of course broken down into easy weekly payments.

What You Will Receive?

At the end of the KickStart™ Program, you will receive :

  • A high level overview estimate for the potential cost of the app.
  • Wireframe for yout application.
  • A breakdown of every Epic to be completed across all Sprints.
  • A copy of the completed Product Backlog.
  • A Wiki Workspace to store all project files, notes, and project plans.
  • A GIT software code repository, initialized, and ready to start the project.

Get Started

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